Detecta-Pest are accredited installers of Active Oxy, A natural sanitising and bird control solution using Ozone technology.

Detecta-Pest can install Ozone systems Australia Wide.

Ozone is a 100% chemical-free solution that provides proven, cost-effective bird control and highly effective sanitisation of fungus and bacteria in food environments. 

And after ozone has done its job, it immediately changes back to pure oxygen – leaving no smell, chemical residue or smell characteristics.

Why choose Active Oxy ozone?

  • Occurs naturally in the environment
  • Ozone generated on site – no storage
  • Cost effective when compared with alternatives
  • Auto-decomposition – breaks down leaving no toxic residue
  • Proven to control pest birds
  • Kills all known fungus, bacteria and viruses
  • Appropriate for direct contact with food and produce
  • Effective as gas or in aqueous solution

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