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Pest Control Iluka

Detecta-Pest is a local pest control company servicing Iluka and all of The Clarence Valley. What makes Detecta-Pest the locals choice in Iluka when it comes to pest control is the fact that we provide an expert and efficient pest control service backed by years of experience.

Our range of pest management services includes treatments for common types of pests such as Cockroaches, Spiders, Ants, Rodents, and Silverfish, however, we also provide expert solutions for termites. Termites are a common issue in Iluka.

12 Month Warranty

We treat all types of pests in Iluka and Woombah that include Ants, Cockroaches, Spiders and Fleas, Silverfish and Rodents. Our team are also trained with years of experience treating and protecting houses against termites. Our 12 month pest free guarantee includes a no cost return and treatment if you have any issues after the initial treatment.

Pest Control Pricing

Due to the fact that Detecta-Pest is a local company based in Iluka we can provide affordable pest control options. Below is a list of our most popular pest control services. We also provide additional pest control services.

End of lease $89*

Moving out of a rental property in Iluka? An end of lease pest treatment will cover fleas and ticks for vacated properties after carpets have been cleaned. Included is a pest control certificate. *From $89 inc GST

4 X Pest Combo $159*

Our most suitable pest control option for Iluka includes internal, subfloor, external and roof void application of spray, dust, baits and gel to control spiders, cockroaches, silverfish and rodents.

External Ant Spray $110 or $29*

Ants are hard to control in Iluka with inferior products. We apply an external spray using quality products not found at hardware stores. Our products have a transfer effect meaning ants will take it back to the nest. $110 External or $29 with any treatment.

Natural Pest Alternative $179*

A new alternative natural approach using pyrethrum for sensitive environments. Pyrethrum is a natural and pure form insecticide from the pyrethrum flower as opposed to synthetic pyrethroids.

Termite Inspection & Pest Control $288*

Termites are a real threat in Iluka and Woombah. Combined with our 4 pest control combo is the best risk reduction and pest prevention solution. An annual termite inspection can save you thousands in repair damage.

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Additional Services

Termite Inspections, Termite Control & Protection

Commercial Pest Control

Bed Bug Control

Bird Control

Rodent Control

Carpet Beetle Control

Possum Removal and more

Commercial Pest Control

In addition to residential houses in Iluka, Detecta-Pest can provide pest management plans for Commercial and Government businesses such Schools, Cafes, Bars, Kindergartens, Food Processing and much more.

Best Time For Pest Control in Iluka?

Iluka is a coastal town and the locals know that in Summer and the warmer moths insects such as ants come alive invading homes. However, in the cooler months, rats and mice also invade homes and businesses seeking warmth and shelter. Any time of the year in Iluka is a good time for pest control with our 4 pest special which will treat all the seasons pests backed by a 12-month warranty.

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Termite Inspections

Termites cause serious amounts of damage to houses and property throughout Iluka and Woombah. Termites are masters of concealment meaning they travel under the ground and may be present in walls. The good news is having an annual termite inspection carried out with your pest control can save you thousands by early detection. If you have found termites, Do not disturb them call us for a free consultation 66 453 405.

For more information on termites click here.

Further Pest Info

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Detecta-Pest, Ilukas Local

  • Local pest control specialists with years of experience servicing Iluka.
  • 100% satisfaction and results guaranteed.
  • A local company, Not an internationally owned franchise.
  • Accredited, Licensed & Insured pest control technicians.
  • We use the best quality products on the market that are environmentally friendly.
  • Offering a warranty on all our services.
  • Iluka, Woombah, Chatsworth

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