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Mice Control

Rats are gross! If you have had issues with mice before or you are currently seeing mice in and around your house it’s enough to keep you up all night long! In some cases, if the mice infestation is bad they will be running around your kitchen, in your bed, climbing the curtains, eating your food and leaving droppings everywhere. The smell of mice in a house is also disgusting.

What are Mice?

A mouse, plural mice, is a small rodent having a pointed snout, small round ears, a scaly tail the length of its body. Mice have a high breeding rate. The best-known mouse species is the common house mouse. It is also a popular pet. Although mice are cute they are not so cute when your house is overrun by them. There are two species of mice commonly found in Australia as a pest species. This is the field mouse and the common house mouse. Mice can ruin stored food products, fruit, and stored goods. Mice are unhygienic and can cause allergies. Mice are extremely detrimental to businesses.

Mice facts

  • Mice can squeeze through a 6mm gap.
  • Mice hate the cold, They are driven inside to warm areas.
  • They have poor eyesight and see best when the lighting is dim.
  • A mouse’s teeth will never stop growing.
  • Mice produce ultrasound communication.
  • Mice can jump over 25 cm!
  • Mice can chew through anything softer than their teeth.

2 Types of common mice found in Australia

Field Mouse – Field mice Apodemus sylvaticus don’t commonly venture into inhabited buildings but in the winter months, they will go into outhouses and sheds where food, grain, fruit, and vegetables are stored. Field mice are extremely detrimental to the farming and agricultural sector and can do damage in plagues. 

They eat a high proportion of seed crops of trees such as oak, beech & ash.

Common House Mouse – The house mouse Mus musculus varies in color from brown to black and grey. The House Mouse measures 7 – 9cms. They have large ears, a pointed nose, small eyes, small feet, and a long tail that is darker in color than the body. The house mouse is an omnivore. Seeds and grains are the preferred food, however, mice also love foods high in fat and protein such as butter, meat, and sweet foods.

Controlling mice

The most important process is maintaining a mice free environment is with a pest control plan in place. This will generally keep houses mice free. This is achieved by installing a rodent control system. Some establishments may require more frequent management to control mice including farms, food storage areas, dog and catteries, outdoor venues and so forth. In addition to maintaining a rodent free property, it is imperative to ensure general cleanliness is maintained and food and water sources are eliminated.

Mice control methods

  • Apply rodent baits that will knock down.
  • Apply rodent trapping systems.
  • Dusting tracking areas or hiding places.
  • Removing food and moisture scources.
  • Sealing entry points.
  • Maintaining a clean environment.

If you are experiencing mice issues, Please feel free to call us today. We provide mice control to both residential and commercial buildings. Our team is experts in dealing with pests and we provide a guarantee on all our services.

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