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Rat Control

Rats are gross! If you have had issues with rats before or you are currently seeing rats in and around your house its enough to make you not come home from work! In some cases, if the rat infestation is bad they will chew wires in the roof, leave droppings everywhere, eat your food and destroy your personal goods.

What are Rats?

Rats are various medium-sized, long-tailed rodents in the superfamily Muroidea. “True rats” are members of the genus Rattus, the most important types to humans are the black rat, Rattus rattus, and the brown rat, Rattus norvegicus.

Rat facts

  • Rats can laugh! Rats make chuckling sounds when they play!
  • Certain types of rats are great swimmers and can swim over a mile.
  • A rats tail keeps them cool, by expanding and contracting the blood vessels in their tails.
  • A rat’s teeth never stop growing.
  • There is a temple in North West India that worships rats!
  • A rat called the Sumatran Bamboo Rat is the size of a small house cat.
  • Rats can carry pathogens that spread disease. Such as was caused in the black plague.

2 Types of common rats found in Australia

Black Rat – The Black Rat rattus rattus was probably introduced to Sydney with the First Fleet. The Black Rat is a good breeder. Females rats litter of about 5 to 10 young and may have up to 6 litters a year. The Black Rat lives in urban areas. They prefer to live in roofs, cavity walls, trees, scrapes or burrows around farms, making nests of shredded materials.

Brown Rat – The brown rat rattus norvegicus is an introduced rodent into Australia.  Brown Rats shelter under bushes, in sewers and other urban sites, or construct deep burrow systems, make nests of shredded materials. The distinguishing characteristics of the Brown Rat include one pair of distinctive chisel shaped incisors with hard yellow enamel on front surfaces.

Controlling rats

The most important process is maintaining a rat free environment is with a pest control plan in place. This will generally keep houses rat free. This is achieved by installing a rodent control system. Some establishments may require more frequent management to control rats including schools, day care centres, cinemas, outdoor venues and so forth. In addition to maintaining a rodent free property it is imperative to ensure general cleanliness is maintained and food and water sources are eliminated.

Rat control methods

  • Apply rodent baits that will knock down.
  • Apply rodent trapping systems.
  • Dusting tracking areas or hiding places.
  • Removing food and moisture scources.
  • Sealing entry points.
  • Maintaining a clean environment.

If you are experiencing rat issues, Please feel free to call us today. We provide rat control to both residential and commercial buildings. Our team is experts in dealing with pests and we provide a guarantee on all our services.

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Local Technician Hugh: 0475 227 942


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