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Silverfish treatment

Silverfish are creepy and weird! If you have had silverfish issues before or are currently seeing them in your cupboards or wardrobes you can’t but help thinking about them crawling around when you pick up a book or put on some clothes! In some cases, if the infestation is bad they can eat your clothes!

What are silverfish?

Silverfish are so called because of the silvery glitter of the scales covering the bodies of the most conspicuous species hiding in cupboards, Wardrobes, Paper storage piles and kitchen cupboards. Their movement has been described as fish-like as if they were swimming. Typically attracted to cool, damp places, A silverfish is a small, wingless insect in the order Zygentoma.

Silverfish facts

  • They’re prehistoric. One of the oldest insects in the world, silverfish have inhabited the planet for over 400 million years.
  • They are silvery-blue in colour, much like the scales of a fish.
  • Since silverfish do not have fangs and do not carry any venom, they really have no defence against predators. They cannot fight back. That means their only means of defence is their speed.
  • Silverfish live a very long life, from 3 to 6 years on average. Some silverfish have been known to live over 8 years!

Areas you may find silverfish

Silverfish love dark damp environments. These areas include kitchen cupboards, Wardrobes, Bookshelves, Roof voids and areas where there are loads of cracks and crevices such as basements and subfloors.

Silverfish love cellulose and starchy materials and can damage books, paperwork, clothing, curtains and even artwork

Controlling silverfish

The most important process is maintaining a silverfish free environment is with an annual pest control plan in place. This will generally keep house silverfish free for 12 months. Another vital step in conjunction with pest control is to ensure stored starchy and cellulose materials are off the ground and dark areas are free from damp and mold.

Silverfish control methods

  • Apply residual surface spray with a residual chemical that will disrupt the life cycle.
  • Apply crack and crevice treatment using approved products.
  • Dusting areas where infestations of hiding places exist including roof voids.
  • Cleaning dark areas of excess stored paper and clothing.

If you are experiencing silverfish issues, Please feel free to call us today. We provide silverfish control to both residential and commercial buildings. Our team is experts in dealing with pests and we provide a guarantee on all our services.

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