Inspecting the Stations – The (IG) In Ground Stations are an early warning against termite attack. Small stations are embedded around the building in 3-meter intervals and also in areas where high termite pressure is identified or presumed. These stations if timber are inspected every 6-8 weeks to intercept foraging termites that will find the stations as a food source.

If you have an Always Active System, this system contains a rod or tablets embedded with the active constituent and requires fewer visits. These visits are typically 4-6 times a year and more in warmer months.

If you have a timber termite baiting system, It needs to be inspected on a 6 weekly or  2 monthly basis depending on the time of the year (more in warmer months). The in ground stations act as interceptors around your home to identify termite activity and provide a point to apply the Exterminex™ bait. If stations are active, Call 0402 958 962.

What to look for –

Look carefully for any signs of live termites in the stations or mud packing as mud packing can indicate activity. Mud will be hard and crumbly forming around the interceptors.

If termites are active please call us: The inspector will need to access the property to install termite bait into the active stations generally during routine inspection. Termite Bait is very low toxicity to humans, animals and the environment. The bait consists of natural cellulose, attractants and a small percentage of the active constituent “Chemical”. As termites feed on the bait they are affected over a long period of time, and this is what destroys the colony. The Active Ingredient affects termites by inhibiting certain life cycles that stop the colony from expanding and this effectively obtains colony elimination.

How long does It take to eradicate termites from a station? Depending on the size of the colony it can take 2 – 8 Months. We can identify elimination as the worker cast within the colony changes colour from the effects of the bait and eventually disappears and only the soldier cast is left. As there are no workers left to feed and support the colony, the nest effectively dies. Bait must be added every 2 weeks or Rods Replaced until the termites have been eliminated. Once feeding has stopped, The technician will clean the stations and replace the timbers and If termites are inactive you can continue to monitor every 6-8 weeks.

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