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Termites in Coffs Harbour? Whats The Big Deal?

Coffs Harbour and surrounding areas are categorised within The CSIROS publication of areas at a high-risk of termite attack and termites are in fact causing considerable damage annually to homeowners throughout the region.

Rest assured! Detecta-Pest has been inspecting and protecting homes and businesses throughout Coffs Harbour and The Coffs Coast against termites now for nearly a decade.

When it comes to protecting you against termites, Detecta-Pest provides a reliable, termite management service backed by a full warranty in all instances to ensure your property or business is safe against the threat of termites year round.

Book an Expert Termite Inspection Coffs Harbour

When you book a termite inspection with Detecta-Pest it involves inspecting the property with the use of High Tech equipment that includes the Flir E8 Thermal Camera, Moisture Meters, Borescopes, and The Termatrac T3i Termite Radar also used in conjunction with proven methods such as sounding timber for detecting termites within a structure.

We access all areas including the roof void, subfloor internals and external areas. With all inspections, We provide a detailed photographic inspection report that will include recommendations outlining areas where you can reduce the risk of termite attack or undetected termite entry.

It takes a good understanding of building and slab design combined with local knowledge of termite species and behaviour to provide accurate termite reports.

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Termite Inspections Includes

Termite Control Coffs Harbour

Detecta-Pest Coffs Harbour provides proven termite control solutions within Coffs Harbour and all surrounding areas such as Korora, Sandy Beach, Nana Glen and Emerald Beach.

Termidor Coffs Harbour

If you are having termite issues in Coffs Harbour Detecta-Pest provide solutions to control active termites that involve the application of APVMA approved products. The products we use are not available to the public and require training and certification. This is to ensure safe and also effective application.

To carry out a successful treatment the timber pest specialist after the property has been inspected will choose from a range of options that may include above-ground termite baits, Dust or foam and liquid applications. It takes a expert assessment and experience to ensure the right application is chosen.

If you are experiencing termite issues it is strongly advised you do not DIY treat any areas. The products professional pest control operators use are not available to the public. The chemicals professionals use are transfer products meaning “they take it back to the nest” These products if were available to the public would be detrimental to the environment and are heavily regulated.

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Termite Control Includes

  • Options to install above ground baits to active termites
  • Applying termiticide dusts with transfer effect
  • Foaming wall cavities and under the slab with non-repellant termiticide
  • Drilling trees and liquid treatments

Having local knowledge and understanding of building design and termite species throughout Coffs Harbour will ensure your termite treatments are successful 100% of the time and backed with a full service warranty.

Termite Barrier Coffs Harbour

If you are looking to protect your Coffs Harbour property against termites for the long term with zero maintenance, A termite barrier may be the key.

Detecta-Pest are licensed and accredited installers of Australia’s number one products proven to protect buildings against subterranean termites that include Termidor, Bi-Flex and Altriset. We do not use generic products, Only the best.

Image of a man treating termites in Coffs Harbour using an injection rod

Installing a chemical treated zone or “termite barrier” must be carried out in accordance with AS3660.2.17. Following the strict guidelines involves first an inspection, secondly treating the house if termites are active and lastly installing the protection to the perimeter.

Installing a Termite Chemical Treated Zone or Termite Barrier is also standardised and instructions as per label and the Australian Standard must be followed. A chemical treated zone involves trenching, treating soil and backfilling to the perimeter and drilling and injecting external areas or better cutting concrete to allow trenching.

The application of the product must be installed using high-pressure pumps, injectors and rodding equipment with flow meters.

Detecta-Pest has protected a multitude of houses throughout Coffs Harbour and we pride ourselves on the fact that we have never had one failure and that we leave no trace that we were ever there.

Termite Barrier Benefits

  • Accredited and licensed installers of;
  • Termidor and can offer $1,000,000 warranty
  • Altriset and BiFlex accredited
  • Long lasting, Set and forget solution
  • Peace of mind with a warranty in all instances.

Your local Technician Hugh: 0475 227 942

Termite Baiting Systems Coffs Harbour

We offer additional forms of termite management systems that include Termite Baiting and Monitors. A termite baiting system is installed to the perimeter of the building in 3 meter intervals and is inspected every 6 weeks. Once termites are identified a bait is added that the termites prefer more than timber.

Termite baiting system available to Coffs Harbour Residents

Certain species of termites located in Coffs Harbour can build nests or multiple nests that are not visible. These nests can be located up to 50 meters from the house, Under a slab or in a tree. By managing termites using bait we can kill the nest where ever it may be. This is due to the fact that termites pass the food between each other and if this food contains poison, Eventually distributes to the queen.

Termite baiting is a non-toxic approach to traditional methods. Baiting is effective in the sense that we can visually see the termite colony being eliminated over time. A trianed expert can identify these changes and will know when colony elimination has occured. Termite baiting systems rely on management and this includes a licensed installer inspecting the property every 6-8 weeks.

Detecta-Pest have hundreds of baiting sites throughout Coffs Harbour, Thus we can provide a management program to suit your schedule. Protecting your home with a termite baiting system starts as little as $22 per week for Coffs Harbour Areas. This is a small price to pay to guarantee termite eradication and protection.

Termite Baiting System Benefits

  • Termite baiting systems are non-toxic
  • Termite baiting will guarantee colony elimination
  • Not all houses can be protected using chemical, Bait monitors can, however.
  • Management starts as little as $22 per week.

Pre Construction Termite Protection Coffs Harbour

If you are building a house or renovating a property in Coffs Harbour, Detecta-Pest provides Pre-Construction Termite solutions to conform with current Australian Standards.

Detecta-Pest is licensed and accredited installers of Kordon, TermSeal, TermX, Camilleri Reticulation, Home Guard.

Pre construction termite protection Coffs Harbour

Pre-Construction Termite Protection

  • Pre slab penetrations and collars
  • Slab perimeters or ant caps
  • Reticulation systems
  • Cold joints or renovations

Detecta-Pest can provide Pre-Construction Solutions for penetrations, Perimeter, Additions or Certification for New Works and much more. With a comprehensive understanding of building and slab design, we provide fast and cost-effective solutions that conform with AS3660.

Call Detecta-Pest Coffs Harbour today if you require pre construction termite protection throughout Coffs Harbour or The Coffs Coast.

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Managing the risk of termite attack in Coffs Harbour

The CSIRO has documented a map that outlines high-risk areas of termite attack throughout Australia. Coffs Harbour is located within the area designated as High Risk of termite attack. If you have an existing building and termites are causing issues there are many option to control them.

If you are building a new structure new standards and codes of practice must be adhered to. However, In all instances, the best advice in ensuring you reduce the risk of termite attack is that you maintain annual inspections, as a minimum.

Certain species of termites that can cause major structural damage throughout Coffs Coast do not build nests in trees or on the sides of roads that we may have seen before. These species build nests below the soil surface, in trees, below slabs or so on.

Having a large nest with these species say in a dead stump close to the house will cause issues eventually and it is not until the homeowner generally notices damage inside the house before it is to late.

Reducing the risk of termite attack is easy, heres how

  • Have the house inspected every year, Its no different to servicing your car. If you let it go, eventually there will be issues.
  • Ensure you keep timber, cardboard boxes off the ground and out of the subfloor
  • Ensure site drainage is adequate and water does not enter the subfloor.
  • Keep garden beds off the walls
  • Replace rotten fences and remove any dead tree stumps
  • Don’t use pine wood chips or cover up the weep holes (vents on the outside in the brickwork)
  • Keep termite protection up to date, Maintain the chemical or install baits and monitors to prevent an attack

Not all houses in Coffs Harbour require chemical treatments however it is essential that if you are living in Coffs Harbour or The Coffs Coast you maintain annual termite inspections. This will help identify risky areas or identify early stages of termite activity to prevent long term damage.

For all your termite management needs throughout Coffs Harbour and The Coffs Coast, Call us today,

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