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Detecta-Pest are Grafton’s Local Termite Inspection & Termite Control Experts. Servicing all areas of Grafton & The Clarence Valley.

Free onsite advice if you are experiencing termite issues.

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Grafton located in The Clarence Valley falls within The CSIROS publication of high-risk areas for termite attack.

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Detecta-Pest has been servicing Grafton and The Clarence Valley for years treating, inspecting and protecting houses from termite attack.

Termite Inspection Grafton

Detecta-Pest provides thorough Termite Inspections that include the use of high tech equipment to detect termites within or around your home or property. This high tech equipment includes Thermal cameras, The Termatrac T3i Termite Radar, Moisture meters and Borescope Cameras.

Termite on a log

In addition, When you book a termite inspection, We provide a detailed photographic termite inspection report that is emailed to you directly after the inspection.

This termite inspection report will provide recommendations outlining the areas of the home or property that are either conducive to termite activity or may be high-risk of undetected termite activity.

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Finger pointing at termite activity in Grafton

Termite Inspection Includes

Termite radar device

Termite Control Grafton

Detecta-Pest provides termite control throughout Grafton and all surrounding areas including Copmanhurst, Coutts Crossing, and The Clarence Valley. Our timber pest specialists have over 30 years of combined experience treating termites and protecting houses against termites.

Termidor installer Grafton

We provide a wide range of Termite Management solutions for treating houses against subterranean termites. These methods include the application of an APVMA approved termiticide via Baiting, Dusting, Foaming or direct chemical treatment.

Choosing the right application method for controlling termites and successful application of termite treatments require experience and local knowledge of termite species and their behavior.

The products that professional pest control operators use to treat termites are not available in hardware stores or available to the public. We strongly advise against DIY termite treatments as DIY treatments in almost every case make the situation worse, This is due to the fact that products available to the public are repellent and knock down chemicals and do not have transfer properties that will “take it back to the nest”.

A termite nest attacking your home could be 70 meters away from the house and underground or hidden in a tree.

Your local Technician Hugh: 0475 227 942

Termite Control Includes

  • Baiting termites where they are active in the house
  • Dusting termites by applying termiticide to galleries and workings
  • Foaming wall cavities and under the slab with non-repellant termiticide
  • Drilling trees and liquid treatments

It takes local knowledge to ensure termite treatments and management is successful. Detecta-Pest have been treating and protecting houses against termites for years in Grafton and The Clarence Valley.

Termite Barrier Grafton

Detecta-Pest pest have accredited applicators of Australia’s leading products that are effective in controlling and protecting houses from termite attack. Commonly this includes “termite barriers” or officially chemical treated zones.

Man using a pump and hose to apply chemical to prevent termites in a floor

Installing a chemical treated zone or “termite barrier” must be carried out in accordance with AS3660.2.17. This is a stage by stage process that involves firstly an inspection of the building to assess high-risk areas and soil types, followed by a treatment to termites if they are active and lastly the “termite barrier”.

There are many generic and cheap products available to the pest controller however Detecta-Pest use only the best products that are proven with long-term results. This includes Termidor, Biflex and Altriset.

Installing a Termite Chemical Treated Zone or Termite Barrier involves trenching and digging around the structure and or in the subfloor space and applying the product using special pumps, rods and equipment.

Where slabs abut the building we drill small 8mm holes and inject using this equipment at high pressure to ensure the termiticide will get to all the areas where the termites may be or may entering the building.

Detecta-Pest provide quality installations so that once we have finished installing your chemical treated zone, you will not even know we were there.

Termite Barrier Benefits

  • Accredited and licensed installers of;
  • Termidor accredited and can offer $1,000,000 warranty
  • Altriset and BiFlex accredited
  • Long lasting, Set and forget solution

Your local Technician Hugh: 0475 227 942

Termite Baiting Systems Grafton

Other forms of termite management include termite baiting and monitoring systems. A termite baiting system involves installing small stations to the perimeter of the building spaced every 3 meters.

Baiting system

These stations contain timber and also attractants that encourage foraging termites in close proximity to enter the stations. Once they enter the termite baiting station they are intercepted and then fed a bait that they prefer more than timber. This bait over time is passed through the colony and will kill the worker termites eventually leading to colony collapse.

Termite baiting is a non-toxic approach to termite management, Is effective as opposed to chemical applications where we can visually see the termite colony has been eliminated. Termite baiting systems rely on management and this includes a licensed installer inspecting the property every 6-8 weeks.

Detecta-Pest has many termite baiting sites throughout Grafton and The Clarence Valley and we can provide a management program to suit your schedule. Protecting your home with a termite baiting system starts as little as $17 per week.

Termite Baiting System Benefits

  • Non Toxic approach
  • Can achieve colony elimination if a nest cannot be identified
  • Is suited where chemical can not be applied
  • Can protect all forms of structures
  • Management starts as little as $17 per week.

Pre Construction Termite Protection Grafton

Detecta-Pest provides pre-construction termite solutions throughout all areas of Grafton and Surrounds. This includes physical termite barriers such as Kordon, Term Seal and so forth.

Pre construction termite protection used in Grafton NSW

Pre-Construction Termite Protection

  • Pre slab penetrations and collars
  • Slab perimeters or ant caps
  • Reticulation systems
  • Cold joints or renovations

Detecta-Pest provides protection for stage 1 penetrations in slabs, Stage 2 protection perimeter and also cold joints and renovations or slab pours. Detecta-Pest is accredited with all Pre-Construction products and licensed installers. All installations are carried out in accordance with AS3660 and are accompanied by warranty and certification certificates.

Your local Technician Hugh: 0475 227 942

Understanding and managing the risk of termite attack in Grafton

Termites are a major threat to homeowners throughout Australia annually and Grafton and The Clarence is no exception. Grafton is classed as a high risk area for termite attack and it is estimated one in four houses may have a history or be under attack.

Man pointing at termite damage on a piece of timber

Termite mounds that we see around Grafton heading out to Copmanhurst or Coutts Crossing are not the species of termite we tend to worry about. The species of termites that cause major issues are Coptotermes spp and Schedorhinotermes spp. These termites are an issue as they will cause severe damage to both hardwood and pine timbers and the fact that they build their nests in areas that you will not see such as in a living tree, in a wall, under a slab and so forth. Schedorhinotermes spp also in-fact can build multiple nests.

These termites every year in the warmer months have reproductive forms that will fly out of the nest to start a new colony. This new colony will be at a stage where it can cause damage within in a few years. Most people living around Grafton would have noticed “flying ants” floating in the pools or stuck in spider webs around their house.

How do we prevent termite attack or manage the risk?

  • Have the house inspected every year
  • Ensure you keep timber off the ground and out of the subfloor
  • Keep gardens off the walls
  • Ensure site drainage is adequate
  • Replace rotten fenced and landscaping timber
  • Don’t use pine wood chips or cover weep holes
  • Keep termite protection up to date

Not all houses require chemical treatments and some houses may have a physical termite barrier installed. The most important approach in managing termites throughout Grafton is to ensure you have the property inspected every year by a professional. This will ensure that highrisk areas are identified and you are aware of how to reduce these risks.

Termite on a rock in Grafton NSW

For all your termite management needs throughout Grafton and surrounds, Call Detecta-Pest today, We provide free onsite advice if you are experiencing termite issues.

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Service areas around Grafton

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