Pest control is a yearly service that will help reduce and control household pests such as spiders, cockroaches, ants and silverfish. To help maintain a pest free home you as a homeowner can carry out some simple routine tasks to lower pest pressure.

Spiders – Most garden spiders in and around your house play an important role in the ecosystem. General pest control will target unsightly webs, poisonous spiders and infestations in and around your home. However, to reduce spiders building up between treatments a simple high pressure hose down on external walls every few months will do the trick. Avoid storing pot plants and items up against the external walls.

Ants – Ants are a nuisance and get worse over warmer months. Ant treatments using transfer products will knock numbers down targeting lawns, external walls, weep holes and roof voids.

To help keep ant numbers down between treatments its a good idea to ensure foliage and leaves are kept of external walls, pet food is not left out, moisture sources are not available and the house is kept tidy.

Cockroaches – Cockroaches love warm, damp and dark environments close to food sources such as cracks and voids below kitchen cupboards, sinks, waste pipes and bathrooms. Treatments will help however to prevent a re infestation you must remove these conditions that will keep cockroaches alive.

Ensure kitchens are kept clean, Moisture issues are rectified and food scraps in and around kitchens are removed. A good tip is to pull out your dishwasher and see what food accumulates underneath, seal cracks in cabinetry and floors, ensure pipes are not leaking and keep from accumulating plastic bags and paper in kitchens.

Mosquitos – Mosquitos can be controlled by fogging. We commonly see mosquito issues where home owners plant certain types of plants that hold moisture encouraging breeding and larve to develop such as bromeliads. Ensure foliage is kept back, moisture retaining plants are ket to a minimum and site drainage is adequate.

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