Termite management in Australia in terms of protecting houses and treating termites has come a long way since the days of relying on harsh chemicals such as Arsenic and Organochlorides such as Dursban and Dildrin.

Today houses are required to be built in a way as so that termites can not gain undetected entry to the structure. What this means is that we should be able to see termites entering the house over ant capping or inspection zones if they are installed.

Termite Barrier Installer

These new systems were the result of realising that pre slab treatments would eventually expire and termites could enter under or in the house in the soil where the chemical had deteriorated, Ie pipes, and brickwork.

In general, homeowners are unaware of their requirements to maintain annual inspections. Modern houses generally do not have chemical applied under the slabs and have been protected in a way as so that all possible entry points are sealed. This is a technical process and if done correctly termite inspectors can identify termites on the outer walls of the building.

It is vital to have an annual termite inspection. The fact is that the majority of termite treatments are on newer houses.

Termite Inspections have also come a long way. Nowadays you can expect the use of Thermal Imaging Cameras, Termite Radars and Moisture Meters to assist the technician in finding activity behind areas such as walls and tiled areas where not apparent to the naked eye.

The other important fact is that sometimes these modern systems designed to prevent concealed termite entry fail! Maintaining inspections are essential. Call us today for a thorough detailed inspection that includes the use of high tech equipment at no additional cost.

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