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Bird Control

Pest birds such as Pigeons, Starling, and English Sparrows can be a real issue! If you have had issues with pest birds before or you are currently seeing pest birds in and around your house or workplace its enough to drive you crazy! In some cases, if the bird infestation is bad they will ruin airconditioning units, leave droppings and feathers everywhere including all over cars and footpaths.

What are Pest Birds?

The three most common pest birds are Pigeons, Sparrows, and Starlings. Pest birds generally affect areas such as guttering, rooftops, machinery, and equipment. If a pest bird infestation is bad birds can cause illness to human health and spread disease. In some instances, if pest management is not undertaken to control birds Local Council may issue a notice of action. Pest birds are also threatening to our native Australian bird species.

Pest Bird facts

  • Pest Birds can spread disease.
  • Pest Birds can bring other pests such as mites, lice, and ticks.
  • The feral pigeon is a descendant of the domestic homing pigeons introduced to Australia from European settlers.
  • The common starling was introduced to Australia to consume insect pests of farm crops.
  • The house sparrow was first introduced to Australia in 1863 at Melbourne and is common throughout the eastern part of the continent as far north as Cape York, but has been prevented from establishing itself in Western Australia, where every house sparrow found in the state is killed.

3 Types of common Pest Birds found in Australia

Feral Pigeon – The Rock Dove is native to Europe, Africa, and Asia, where it prefers open agricultural areas. Feral populations are closely associated with human settlement in many countries throughout the world. Although it is mainly a seed-eater, the Rock Dove will sample most scraps. The Rock Dove breeds at any time of the year, but peak times are spring and summer

Starling – Were introduced into Australia and New Zealand in the mid-1880’s, in the vain hope that they might destroy insect pests. Starlings can cause significant damage to horticultural industries, particularly cherries, grapes, blueberries, olives, stone fruits, apples, pears and a range of vegetable crops. They can also carry many parasites and diseases which raise concern in food factories and industrial areas and are a potential risk to livestock industries.

English Sparrows –  They were introduced to Australia in the 1860s and are now abundant in cities, towns, rural areas and around farm buildings, particularly in the south-east of Australia. The nest is a large, untidy ball of grass, wool, and feathers, lined with feathers and finer plant material. It is usually located in suitable areas in buildings, such as roof voids and crevices in walls, but may be placed under bridges, in thick bushes or in tree hollows.

Controlling birds

One of the most important processes is maintaining a bird free environment is with a pest control plan in place with also an attention to cleanliness in areas such as cafes and food prep areas. Control methods can include spiking nesting and sitting areas, Netting areas, Using Sonic deterrents and Ozone systems.

Bird Control control methods

  • Spike ledges and nesting areas.
  • Net or seal entry and exit points
  • Install systems such as Sonic or Ozone deterrents.
  • Install visual deterrents.
  • Sealing entry points.
  • Maintain a clean environment.

Examples of our installation using the AvePro Bird netting System. The AvePro netting uses the best quality Australian made components constructed of Stainless Steel fixtures. AvePro bird netting comes with a 10-year warranty. Click for more information on AvePro products.

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